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AI for Human Flourishing

Trustworthy, Unbiased, Explainable AI

Cialdini Testimonials

Painless, precise assessment & coaching from digital exhaust

1. Input

Type text, chat with a bot or upload (e.g. Zoom transcript)

2. Instant

6 seconds to measure with 366% more precision than physician credentialing tests

3. Insight

Instant feedback with quality-assured feedback for improvement to re-measure before implementing.

Trustworthy Custom AI Solutions

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The world's first quality-assured persuasion performance support tool.

Virtual Rehearsal: test & improve your message before you pitch your board, or sell a high-stakes deal. 

Change Accelerator: Convince your team to hasten their pace to adopt needed changes

Talent Calibrator: Gauge Zoom, Slack, or emails for how effective teams are at using Cialdini methods.


The Seven Principles of Persuasion make up the blueprint that moves others to say “Yes!” to your requests.
Dr. Robert Cialdini
Dr. Robert Cialdini, Renowned Scientist & New York Times Best-Selling Author

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